Faipar, 2005(53):1


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Hunagarian Professional Wood Business Association


P. Divós, F. Divós: Acoustic tomography for living tree testing.

P. Takáts, L. Bejó, N. Vass: The effect of various wood materials and additives on cement hydration.
Part 2: Experimental methods and results.

K. Németh, J. Stipta:
The role of lignin in the photodegradation of wood.

N. Géczy: Wood industries and timber architecture of Sopron in the dualistic era

A. Peczár: The state of the Hungarian office furniture market.

J. Pakai, K. Hoszpodar: “Wood must stay in fashion!”

Public benefit report of the Wood Science Association

The Wood Quality Control Institute has moved to Sopron

Faculty Days 2005.

In Memoriam Antal Szarka