Faipar, 2005(53):2


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The 15th anniversary of the Ligno Novum fair.


R. Solymos, A. Winkler, S. Molnár, K. Mészáros: Do we need scientific research? Part 1.

B. Joó: Dynamic modulus of elasticity of Norway spruce
in the low frequency range.

J. Vágó: Theoretical background for the experimental verification of wood’s failure theories.

Z. Hantos:
Photoelastic stress method applied on wood.

R. Rákosa:
The role of flavonoids in heat-induced changes of wood.

The first fifty years

Prof. Boris Naumovich Ugelev is 80 years old.

The 25th anniversary of Wood Technician education in the Roth Gyula Technical Highschool.

Public benefit report of the Foundation for University Research in Wood Science – Year 2004.

In memoriam Karoly Babos

Wood Tech Forestry Fair and Conference.