Faipar, 2004(52):1


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Hungary: a country on wood fuel


E. Csanady, S. Gyuracz, S. Nemeth: Vibration testing of a CNC router

T. Apostol: Red heart formation as seen in literature

A. Sanadi, J. Hunt, G. Kovacsvolgyi, S. Kuhana, B. Destree, D. Caufield.: Improving the mechanical properties of lignocellulose-polipropylene composites

L. Molnarne Hamvas, J. Stipta, K. Nemeth: Interaction of wood surface with metal ions. Part 2.: The UV-VIS spectra of chromium impregnated wood

N. Geczy: Wooden construction at the turn of the century

Book Reviews


Science Fair at the Roth Gyula technical highschool

News of the Faculty of Wood Sciences

Public Benefit Report of
the Hungarian Foundation for University Research in Wood Science

4th session of the „Wood Academy”