Faipar, 2004(52):3


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Statement of the Wood Sciences Sub-Committee at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


S. Ruzsics: An analysis of the expenses related to chipboard raw materials

G. Nemeth, M. Varga: Models for the handling and utilisation of waste material generated in the wood industries. Part 1

L. Csoka, J. Zhu, K. Takata: Application of the second order
Fourier transformation on the density function of sugi trees

J. Stipta, K. Nemeth, L. Molnarne Hamvas: Interaction of the wood surface with metal ions. Part 3: The effect of light on chromium impregnated wood surface

FATE Awards

Opening Ceremony at the Faculty of Wood Sciences

Honoris Clausa Dr. awards

Scientific degree awards

Wood Scientists from the Sopron Alma Mater in the World

In memoriam Dr. Jozsef Erdelyi

The 3rd Wood Marketing Conference

New challenges in high-quality bole processing

Forum on the new higher education law in Sopron

Japanese field trip