Faipar, 2004(52):4


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University-based Regional Resource Centre for Forest and Wood Utilisation


P. Takats, L. Bejo, N. Vass: The effect of various wood materials and additives on cement hydration. Part 1: theoretical background

L. Tolvaj, S. Molnár, P. Takáts, D. Varga:  Colour changes of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) as a function of steaming time and temperature

F. Divos: Nondestructive Testing of Wood - A new course offered by the University of West Hungary, Sopron

R. Taschner: Predicting and investigating double resonance during xylophone manufacture

G. Nemeth, M. Varga: Models for the handling and utilisation of waste material generated in the wood industries. Part 2

A. Winkler: Wood: a wonderful material. Part 2.

C. Cserni:
Oriented Strand Board made of Hungarian raw materials