Faipar, 2003(51):1


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Faculty Days 2003

B. Joó: Designing bolted connections according to European standards.

K. Babos, F. Zsombori: Various properties of some poplar variants’ xylem. Part 2.

Cs. Csiha, T. Alpár: Surface roughness evaluation for large-porous species

B. Bíró: The utility value of red heart beech material

T. Fodor: Orthotropic elasticity of sliced veneers – Part 2.

L. Dénes, Zs. Kovács: Using experimental design for new product development

S. Tóth: Wood processing handbooks

K. Csupor: News of the
Wood Science Society

F. Divós: In memoriam
Balázs Zombori

Public benefit report of the Hungarian Wood Science Society – year 2002