Faipar, 2003(51):3


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The “Forest-Wood Research Programme”

E. Fuhrer, B. Horvath, Z. Jaró, G. Marosi, R. Solymos : Developing the quality and quantity of the national forest asset

J. Nemeth, G. Szabadhegyi, G. Kovacsvolgyi: Developing LVL type veneer based structural materials based on domestically harvested poplar clones

Zs. Kovacs: Design and technology of garden furniture made of Black locust (Robinia Pseudoacacia) wood. Enhancement of domestic hardwood utilisation in interior products

L. Boronkai: Eco-balance for forest products

D. Szantó, A. Winkler, J .Nagy: Fibreboard made of energy grass.

K. Gerencsér: Cutting solid wood with lasers. Part 1

V. Csanady: Multivariate regression of the main physical parameters of Scots pine grown on lowlands and highlands

The modernisation of the Extraction system of the Mohacs Fibreboard Co.

The 13th Ligno Novum and 12th Wood Tech Exhibitions

FATE general meeting

Newest developments in wood based composites

Issues of Hardwood Research and Utilisation in Europe

News and clippings

Vocational Education and Training Centre at the Faculty of Wood Sciences