Faipar, 2003(51):4


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Cooperation agreement


P. Takats: Gypsum bonded composites and their characteristics

L. Bejo, E. Lang, J. Szalai, Z. Kovacs, F. Divos: Orthotropic strength and elasticity of hardwoods. Part 2: experimental results and conclusions

K. Gerencser: Cutting solid wood with lasers. Part 2

D. Standeisky: Silentium garden furniture product line

M. Kovatsne Stenger: Tannins and tannin based wood adhesives

Life achievement and Pro Universitate Soproniensi awards


Student Scientific Conference

There’s no development without industry relations

Life exhibition of Dr. Oszkar Winkler

MTESZ award

Report on a field trip to Akita prefecture

Creating an Innovation and Technology Centre in the wood industries