Faipar, 2007(55):1-2


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Activity of the József Cziráki PhD School for Wood Sciences and Technologies

K. Gerencsér, A. Molnár, L. Bejó: Log storage under plastic wrap. Part 1.

K. Máthé: Tradition an innovation in Australian
timber architecture VI.

M. Szabó, T. Fodor: Dynamic assessment of a light-frame wooden ceiling

Z. Pásztory: Enhancing the heat insulation in light frame construction: The Mirror panel

Z. Karácsonyi, Z. Hantos: Calculation of the thermal transmittance of a wood-frame housing system

K. Hoszpodár Horváthné: The increasing importance of quality in the market succes of companies

Wood research at the University of Forestry and Wood Industries, Department of Architecture, in the 1960’s and 70’s

A short history of the renovation and wood structure reinforcement of the Neolog Synagogue in Gyor

The WSA seniors’ club visits the Palace of Arts

The Timber Structure Testing Laboratory launched

The new logo and image of the Faculty of Wood Sciences

The 50th anniversary of higher education in Wood Technology

The 2nd Pannon Design Furniture, Interior Design and Living Space Fair

The 23rd national Student Science Fair

Graduation ceremony at the Faculty of Wood Sciences

Public benefit report of the Foundation for the University Research in Wood Science – Year 2006

In memoriam