Faipar, 2002(50):2


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Zs. Kovacs, L. Denes, Zs. Balint, E. Lang: Orthotropic elasticity of sliced veneers - Part I.

K. Nemeth, J. Stipta: Complex reactions in the photodegradation of wood treated with chromium ions 

D. Szanto: Modern control systems in fibreboard manufacture

L. Hargitai, L. Gergely: Practical application of magnetic resonance tomography in wood processing. Part II.: assessing  moisture content and internal defects using MR

F. Divos, L. Csoka, L. Szalai, P. Gyenizse: Practical application of strength-based classification of lumber. Part I.

S. Molnar, R. Nemeth, A. Pauko, P. Gobolos: Possibilities of improving the wood properties of white poplar hybrids

E. Magoss: Basic relationships in characterising the surface roughness of solid wood. Part I.: theoretical over-view and methodology

Journal Review: Forest Products Journal

Academic Degree Award: Dr. Karoly Csupor PhD.


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