Faipar, 2002(50):3


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R. M. Antal, Zs. Kovács: Application of the FMEA method in order to prevent design failures of furniture.

E. Magoss: Basic relationships in characterising the surface roughness of solid wood – Part 2.: experimental results and evaluation

F. Divos, L. Csoka, L. Szalai, P. Gyenizse: Practical application of strength-based classification of lumber – Part 2.

E. Csanádi, Sz. Németh: Vibrations of multi-head planers

L. Dénes, Zs. Kovács, Zs. Bálint, E. Láng: Orthotropic elasticity of sliced veneers – Part 2.

K. Gerencsér , L. Gergely, G . Szabó: A study of the bond quality of solid wood panels using small specimens

Zs. Kovács, L. Hargita: The Cofurn project in Hungary

Journal Review: Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff

News of the Faculty of Wood Sciences

Dr. József Cziráki died ten years ago

Honours award: Dr. Győző Szabadhegyi

Wood Handbook II.

Ligno Novum – Wood Tech

Activity of the Hungarian Foundation for University Research in Wood Science – Part 2.

Unveiling ceremony