Faipar, 2002(50):4


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K. Babos,: Various properties of some poplar variants’ xylem. Part 1. – dimensional characteristics

A. Kánnár, J. Szalai: Calculation of warp and internal stresses in laminated wooden structural elements due to climatic changes. Part II.: Application of theoretical results

E. Csanádi, Sz. Németh: Vibrations of multi-head planers -
Part 2.

J. Stipta, K. Németh, L. H. Molnárné: Interaction of wood surface with metal ions I. The effects of chromium ions and light on colour of wood

T. Fodor: Experimental measurement the modulus of elasticity and loss coefficient of wood - Part 1.

Fair awards

Ligno Novum - Wood Tech 2002

FATE Awards

Dr.h.c. award: Dr. John Balatinecz

The future of the Hungarian Sawmilling Industry

FAKAT Online - Hungarian wood directory

The modernest hardwood sawmill in Austria

Activity of the Hungarian Foundation for University Research in Wood Science – Part 3.